Emergency Management/Services

We are FEMA NIMS ICS 100, ICS 200, ICS 700, ICS 800 Certified.

This portion of the page is intended for any Emergency Management, Fire Department, Law Enforcement or any other government agency in Eastern Iowa, Grant County, WI, or Jo Daviess County, IL who requires the help from Hawkinson Aerial Photography.

We are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration to operate under Part 107

We can assist in:

  • Finding a Missing Person

  • Damage Assessments

  • Floods/Fires

  • Tornado Damage

  • Storm Damage

  • Critical Infrastructure Assessments

  • ETC.

Our aircraft can provide a view of a target from above that people can not see from the ground. Drones are a much cheaper and quicker option than manned aircraft and may work in certain weather conditions & environments that manned aircraft can't.

We can provide media (HD picture & videos) that may be needed in a matter of minutes after each flight which can be very useful for time sensitive events.

The FAA can also grant us SGI Waivers for certain operations that are not generally permitted.

Click the button above and include "E-Ops" in the subject line. Please also give a brief explanation of the service we can provide and the location.