About Us

My love for aviation has lead me to become a certified drone pilot. I enjoy the aspect of the photography and mapping and look forward to continuing to enhance my knowledge in the drone industry.

I am also a safety advocate for the drone community to help educate and promote safe drone flying. This lead me to becoming a FAA Safety Team Representative (FAAST) and a FAA DronePro.

I also am a certified private pilot and currently fly single engine aircraft. The primary aircraft I fly is the Piper Archer and Cessna 172. I am currently working on my instrument rating. This is an addon privilege to my existing pilots license.

My ultimate goal for aviation is to become an airline pilot for one of the major air carriers in the United States.

Bridger Hawkinson is Part 107 certified. The Federal Aviation Administration requires all drone photographers in the United States to be certified. For more info on what it takes to be certified, please visit the Federal Aviation Administration's Part 107 operator site HERE