Comprehensive Marketing Kit™

Branded & Unbranded Websites

The Comprehensive Marketing Kit™ includes both branded and unbranded versions of of your listing offering everything desire in a listing. The branded sites allow you to advertise yourself and not anyother agent. This allows you to remain in control of the listing and your contact information. Unbranded sites are MLS compliant so they can be added to your listing!

Download and access your media

Our platform allows you to download photos and videos one-by-one or all at once. The platform offers downloads in Original High-Definition, MLS sizing, and custom sizing options. This helps as different sites have uploading and size requirements and constraints.

Social Media Tiles/Flyers

The Comprehensive Marketing Kit™ includes premade Social media tiles that work on all of your social media platforms. there numerous categories you can select from depending on your listing status. Each social media tile is fully editable and customizable to fit your needs exactly. You can easily edit from our website or our mobile app! In the app, you can share directly to all of your social media platforms! Flyers are the exact same way! Download and print from our website and mobile app!

Lead Capture System

Our kit includes a hotline phone number so when the potential buyer calls or text the number, they are greeted by a automated voice to provided detailed information on your listing! While they are listening, you get notified by text and email that you have a lead. This allows you to promptly contact the potential client to get your connection built early!

Site Traffic & Weekly Traffic Update

The Comprehensive Marketing Kit™ includes site traffic information so you can get an understanding on what content is getting the most attention. You are able to see what days you should focus more marketing on. This tool allows you to be as broad as you want or as specific as you want. You can also create tracking links for referrers so you can pinpoint which site or marking generates the most website traffic. Some agents enjoy our weekly traffic report that sends an email to you or any list of emails that may benefit from accessing this report.

This limited time offer wont last!

Take advantage of the many FREE tools you will have access to for your listing! This amazing service keeps you competitive and ensures your listing gets the attention it deserves. 

*Terms and Conditions apply. Listed offer expires May 1, 2023. Hawkinson Aerial Photography, LLC reserves the right to cancel, extend, or modify offer or these terms at anytime with or without notice. Offer valid in all service markets. This offer is valid when any purchase of a photography or videography service is included. A stand-alone addon product does not qualify for this offer. Comprehensive Marketing Kit™ tools and benefits expire 1 year from the time of activation. If your listing is still active at the time of expiration, we will renew your marketing kit at the market price listed on our website without any discount, unless you notify us 24 hours prior to the renewal wishing to cancel or input any current public discount. If we receive no notice via email or phone to cancel, you authorize this renewal charge. "Comprehensive Marketing Kit" is a trademark of Hawkinson Aerial Photography, LLC. Use without prior written permission is prohibited. All other terms apply listed on our website at