We provide 2D mapping to assist property and facilities managers in providing the highest level of service and support for their properties.

2D mapping is the process of taking multiple aerial photos and stitching them together to make a single high resolution image (orthomosaic) of a desired location at a desired time. This provides a comprehensive view of a property in great detail. If you’re not familiar with drone mapping, It just like Google map, but high-resolution and current for a given date since Google images are blurry and can be months or even years old. This service is also great if you are doing planning for a project. In some cases our images can be measured to a 1-2 centimeters per pixel providing you a great detailed map. Easily get measurements (distance, area, latitude/longitude, etc.) for more accurate estimates to reduce unnecessary surprises with bids from contractors or for informational reasons.

We provide files in .TIFF, JPG, PNG or .KMZ type so that every client can utilize the map on Google Earth Pro, ESRI, or there GIS system.

Clients upon request can also ask for the web based viewer link. 

Google Map - Low Resolution

Low resolution and outdated.

Drone Imagery - High Resolution

High Resolution and minutes old.

2D Orthomosaic

Surface Model

Obtain measurements:

In Google Earth Pro, you can:

Get the GPS Latitude/ Longitude of a point and create named pins.

Create a Paths/Lines and measurements.

Create Polygons and find the area measurements.

Create Measurements with a ruler and define radius of it.

And much More!

Any 2D mapping services provided are for informational and rough purposes only. Hawkinson Aerial Photography, LLC DBA Liftoff Mapping is not a licensed surveyor and doesn't provide survey grade deliverables. Pricing for each service will vary based on a number of factors, including the size of the property, the requested deliverables, the frequency of documentation needs, location of the property and any post production requests. Wholesale pricing is available based on a certain criteria. If airspace authorization is required for a given location, fees may be added for necessary approvals. Please get in touch with your specific needs to get an accurate quote. If you would like a sample, please reach out to us!